King of Lucky Kabob

Is butter chicken called butter chicken because there’s lots of butter that goes into the dish? Food truck of the day is called King of Lucky Kabob. All this plus a bottle if water for $9. Not bad at all and quite delicious.





Big girl




This big girl has outgrown her whale tub and has graduated to an inflatable ducky tub.

She has also learned to brush her teeth with her banana toothbrush/teether. Every morning while I’m brushing my teeth I use my other hand to pretend brush S’s teeth with her banana. She loves to do whatever mommy’s doing. Yesterday for the first time she wanted to brush her teeth for herself! That’s my girl.

Lunch today

The DC food truck scene is pretty decent and I’m a regular truckie.

Today’s lunch came from the brown bag truck. Grilled chicken, fresh mozza, spinach, avocado, chipotle mayo on flatbread with chips. Nothing too special but pretty tasty. Reminds me of the Cafe Europa flatbreads.


Chicken: tender and flavorful.
Spinach and avocado: bonus points.
Mozza: fresh.
Bread: holds it’s own against the hefty ingredients.
My only suggestion is to have the sauce on the side instead of in the sandwich.
3.5/5 stars

And I also had a Mutsu crispin apple that I picked myself from the apple farm over the weekend. I like Mutsus. They taste somewhere in between a Granny Smith and Fuji apple.