My arch nemesis

Around 4 pm at work. Got me twice today. Darn you, cheez it’s and peanut m&ms!



The working mommy’s dilemma

In my opinion I have one of the most family friendly jobs out there as far as lawyer jobs go. I have predictable hours. My boss is understanding about family commitments because he has them himself. He is out the door at 5 pm. He will unquestionably let me take time off when my little one is sick. I’m so grateful that I transitioned out of big law even though I didn’t realize it was the right move at the time.

But even so, I can’t help but feel as though I rarely get to see my little one except on weekends. I spend only a couple hours with her during the weekdays and at 7 months she is changing so quickly. I’m not thrilled about sending her to day care either.

I wish I could take a few years off and then go back, because I do enjoy my job. The problem is, in my field you can’t just take a few years off. There are just too many lawyers and not enough jobs. If I quit I may very well never work as a lawyer again.

Becoming a SAHM is something I never in a million years would have imagined doing, but having a baby changed me. I admire SAHM’s, especially those who gave up their careers to raise kids. Its scary to leave behind everything you have worked for. It’s a choice every mommy has to make for herself and there is no right answer. There are opportunity costs to the choices we make which are even more defined after having kids.


Me, the day I was admitted to the Supreme Court of the US.

Dangerously delicious pies #laterblog

Not exactly dangerously delicious in my opinion but still ok. I had the chicken pot pie which was sorely lacking in the veggie department. And it wasn’t as cozy and warm as you would expect a chicken pot pie to be. However it was filled with a ton of chicken.

I like how the savory pies come with a side mesculin salad.

Reasonably priced and filling.

I picked up the S.M.O.G. Pie (steak-mushroom-onion-gruyere) for my husbanana.





Pho wheels truck

This is probably one of my favorite food trucks. Not necessarily for the pho but for the tacos and bahn mi.

What makes the tacos special is that they are on Malaysian roti canai bread! So buttery and delicious.

The bahn mi comes on either a croissant sub (what!?) or a French roll. With a schmear of truffle aioli, a generous helping of pickled daikon and radish, and flavorful meat. It’s something special.

And reasonably priced I might add.

I also picked up a viet iced coffee but thought it was way too sweet. At $4 this was a fail.