Birthday gourmet

Chef Husband made my birthday special with lots of love coming from the kitchen!

Starting with breakfast in bed:



Whole wheat English muffins topped with smoked salmon, tomatoes and truffle oil; Greek yogurt with passion fruit and red currant; fruit salad and gingerbread.

For dinner an 8 course meal:


Clam soup with tomatoes and scallions.


Lobster salad on frisée with ponzu and truffle oil.


Red snapper ceviche.


Spicy tuna on crispy rice.


Tuna tataki topped with masago.


Husband’s interpretation of an Asian style lobster roll: miso lobster on crispy rice.


Mushroom rice.


Surf and turf: seared scallops, rib eye, and red snapper.

Better than anything I would ever eat in a restaurant!! Thank you husband!! Best bday dinner ever! He spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen while Sienna and I napped. I really appreciate how he puts so much love into his cooking. That’s probably why it tastes so good!


Meanwhile this baby had sweet potato and can you guess what else? She loves feeding herself these days. I was feeding her with a spoon and she just dunked her hand in the bowl and scooped up some sweet potato and broccoli, and fed herself! By the end of the night she had crusty sweet potato hair. And straight into the bath she went!


The best birthday pic I have of the three of us. I’m so thankful for my little family of three… Couldn’t ask for anything more!!


Baby’s First Christmas

We spent Sienna’s first Christmas here in our little home instead of returning to California like we usually do. It was a nice quiet Christmas spent with my two favorite people. We woke up early, opened gifts, took lots of naps throughout the day, played with our new toys, and facetimed with our family back in CA. After Sienna went to bed husband and I had a mini date night and baked Thomas Keller’s chocolate chip cookies.



A toy camera and drums from mommy!




Sienna loved the wrapping paper and bows!





That smile

I was baking a tart in the kitchen and husband said something so I popped my head in the living room and Sienna saw me and gave me the biggest smile. It wasn’t just a small or a medium smile. It was her biggest cheese, just for mommy! I answered him and went back to what I was doing without saying anything to Sienna. I kept thinking about her smile even as I cradled her in my arms, fed her, goofed around with her in the bath, and sniffed her Sienna smell as I patted her back while she fell asleep. I wished I had said something to her even though now she’s probably forgotten. I kept regretting it! A note to myself, NEVER let another Sienna smile go un-acknowledged!


December Firsts

There were a lot of firsts this weekend for my little Sienna baby. First time meeting Santa, first Christmas tree, and first snow.


Sienna was not a fan of Santa. After about a minute, Santa gave her back to me and said lets not traumatize her!

Then we went to pick out a tree from the local farm. Uncle Alan helped pick out the tree and put it up. So glad he was here to help!




The next day it snowed. Sienna’s first snow! She loved twirling around with papa!



It’s so much fun to experience the holidays with my little Sienna!

Then and now

I was rocking my baby back to sleep after she woke up and she seemed so big all of a sudden. Such a big girl now – 8 months. You are growing up too fast for me Sienna. I can’t keep up. I want to just hold you in my arms forever. I love the new big girl Sienna more than anything but I miss my tiny baby.


Then: Learning to hold up her head


Now: Baby on the go – so hard to take a non blurry picture

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Some precious moments with my little one.

Auntie Annie was in town the week before thanksgiving so we hung out as did some Christmas shopping. Auntie Annie is Sienna’s second mommy. S loves having Auntie Annie around. And so does mommy!


Going shopping! Sienna’s favorite!



Then we had Sienna’s first Thanksgiving. Husband made the turkey as well as beef ribs and chicken in his new smoker that I got him for his bday. I made all the sides. We forgot to take a before pic – s and I took a nap and woke up right before the guests came. So we were scrambling to get ready before. Then I remembered it was Sienna’s first t-day and I had to document it with a photo!


Hey! No turkey legs for babies!

I made S her own special leek carrot potato turkey mix but it wasn’t a big hit.

Then the next thing you know it’s Dec 1 and time to get into the holiday spirit!


I did most of the work and my little helper mostly dropped the gingerbread man on the floor to watch him fall. But I’m sure she’ll get more into it next year! We will be making it a holiday tradition.

That’s all for now! Ending this post with a smile from my silly girl last night.