It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Some precious moments with my little one.

Auntie Annie was in town the week before thanksgiving so we hung out as did some Christmas shopping. Auntie Annie is Sienna’s second mommy. S loves having Auntie Annie around. And so does mommy!


Going shopping! Sienna’s favorite!



Then we had Sienna’s first Thanksgiving. Husband made the turkey as well as beef ribs and chicken in his new smoker that I got him for his bday. I made all the sides. We forgot to take a before pic – s and I took a nap and woke up right before the guests came. So we were scrambling to get ready before. Then I remembered it was Sienna’s first t-day and I had to document it with a photo!


Hey! No turkey legs for babies!

I made S her own special leek carrot potato turkey mix but it wasn’t a big hit.

Then the next thing you know it’s Dec 1 and time to get into the holiday spirit!


I did most of the work and my little helper mostly dropped the gingerbread man on the floor to watch him fall. But I’m sure she’ll get more into it next year! We will be making it a holiday tradition.

That’s all for now! Ending this post with a smile from my silly girl last night.



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