Birthday gourmet

Chef Husband made my birthday special with lots of love coming from the kitchen!

Starting with breakfast in bed:



Whole wheat English muffins topped with smoked salmon, tomatoes and truffle oil; Greek yogurt with passion fruit and red currant; fruit salad and gingerbread.

For dinner an 8 course meal:


Clam soup with tomatoes and scallions.


Lobster salad on frisée with ponzu and truffle oil.


Red snapper ceviche.


Spicy tuna on crispy rice.


Tuna tataki topped with masago.


Husband’s interpretation of an Asian style lobster roll: miso lobster on crispy rice.


Mushroom rice.


Surf and turf: seared scallops, rib eye, and red snapper.

Better than anything I would ever eat in a restaurant!! Thank you husband!! Best bday dinner ever! He spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen while Sienna and I napped. I really appreciate how he puts so much love into his cooking. That’s probably why it tastes so good!


Meanwhile this baby had sweet potato and can you guess what else? She loves feeding herself these days. I was feeding her with a spoon and she just dunked her hand in the bowl and scooped up some sweet potato and broccoli, and fed herself! By the end of the night she had crusty sweet potato hair. And straight into the bath she went!


The best birthday pic I have of the three of us. I’m so thankful for my little family of three… Couldn’t ask for anything more!!


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