I love love love masala dosas. The dosas from the dosa man in Washington Square Park were a staple for me in law school. But I never knew of a place in DC that made them. I even went all the way to Philly to satisfy my craving.

So I was just beyond excited when I saw the menu for today’s food truck. Say hello to the Chatpat truck!





Masala dosa with a side of sambar and coconut chutney! It was excellent.

I also picked up a side of chat papdi (not pictured) which I wasn’t too fond of.

I chatted up the owner and found our he served dosas at his restaurant! What? But it is closing soon. I tried to get him to open up at the Navy Yard. It’s an up and coming neighborhood after all.

I also found out about the food truck lottery system now in place. Apparently there are over 250 food trucks and only 90 something parking spots in DC! For real?! No wonder I only see my fav trucks only once in a while these days.

Anyway Chatpat will be added to the list of favorites! All in all a delicious meal.


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