Be still my heart

This Proctor & Gamble Olympics commercial just tugs at my heart strings! I especially love the opening scene of the chubby lil baby legs kicking because that’s what Sienna does when she’s excited.

Now that I’m a mommy I can relate to some of those overbearing obsessed-with-my-child mom stereotypes. I’m talking about Barbara Streisand in the movie “The Road Trip” who leaves her son a zillion voice messages per day about nothing in particular. Who falls asleep watching old home videos of when he was small. “If all the kids in the world were lined up and I could only pick one kid for myself, it would always be you.” Who is simply overjoyed when her son asks her to take a road trip with her cross country. Who believes in him wholeheartedly no matter what a failure he believes he is. Who, at the end of the road trip with her son, says, “that was the best week of my life.”

Even though she’s been around for almost 10 months and I know she’s mine for at least another 17 years or more, I still feel giddy after work when I turn the corner into my neighborhood, open the garage door, and get ready to give my sweet sweet sienna a big hug! Lately I’ve been living for those “I’m excited” leg kicks and flapping arms and of course that now-with-almost-4-teeth Sienna smile!

The other day Husband and I were talking about what we want for Sienna. What will she grow up to be? Who will she become? What if she is… Fill in the blank. What I said was that it doesn’t really matter to me. And I meant it. I will love her no matter what, unconditionally, with all my heart. I want her to do what makes her happy. While I once thought I might be a tiger mom, I realized that I am just not that person! Haha 🐯



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