Dr. Mario happy virus

It’s mid day and I’m missing my lil S. I sometimes want to call her day care to ask how she’s doing just because I miss her. But she’s been there for 4 mos and I no longer have the excuse of “she’s new and still adjusting.” And it’s never satisfying anyway. So I’ll just have to wait till k picks her up to get a Sienna update!

Sienna was soooo happy when I took this pic smiling at her Papa!

My SIL said she looks like a “happy virus” which she says is a Korean phrase. But with her 2 front teeth she does look a little like the viruses in the Dr. Mario video game!




Quesadilla from The Salsa Room food truck

The other day at work (before the snow day) I tried the Salsa Room food truck’s quesadilla. I really love their Bolivian-style empanadas so it was hard to deviate, but I’m always up for something new.

These pictures don’t do the quesadilla justice. It was really good. I opted for a chicken quesadilla with black beans, Spanish rice, spinach, mango, and corn. I had an avocado that I had brought from home and added it to my quesadilla. It really hit the spot.

This quesadilla would have been absolutely amazing with a splash of chipotle sauce and some caramelized onions.

3.7/5 yelp stars for the quesadilla. 5/5 for the empanadas.






Christmas in February

A much needed snow day! I got to stay home with my two favorite people. Right after we woke up, we got dressed in our snow clothes and went outside to check out the fresh powder. We had snow earlier this year, but today was the first time we actually put Sienna on the ground to experience the snow.







After I put S down for a nap, I went outside to make a snowman! Crossing my fingers for another snow day tomorrow!


I also made BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, red cabbage slaw, and Michelle Obama’s shortbread cookies. Didn’t get around to taking food photos this time though.