It’s all in the details

The world is a small place. Tokyo is modern and doesn’t feel that foreign. It reminds me a little bit of Seoul and New York. Yesterday we visited the center city – Shibuya crossing which is like the Times Square of Tokyo, and Ginza, which is like New York’s 5th Avenue.



So far, Japan feels kind of like the US but dare I say better and more convenient in little ways. It’s all in the details. For example the public restroom stalls here are equipped with a baby seat so that mommies can go to the bathroom too. It’s the little conveniences like this that really get me.



Plus, everything is clean. The subways are orderly. People actually line up to get on the trains and I haven’t seen any pushing. Everyone is so polite and civilized. And it seems like there is a culture of consciousness about the environment and conservation which I am impressed by. Japan, you are looking good.


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