Japanese Convenience Stores

We have done a bit of exploring in our local area. I think my favorite thing so far is going to local convenience stores like Family Mart and 7-Eleven to pick up meals to go.

Convenience stores in Japan are nothing like in the US. They sell bento boxes and all sorts of goodies and treats.









Delicious, easy and affordable. The average cost is around $5 for a meal.

They also sell an assortment of pastries. Light, fluffy and not overly sweet. And a ton of other snacks – candy, dried cuttlefish, senbei. There is also a fried food stand with things like fried chicken, korokke, and corn dogs as well as a steamed bun stand with char siu bao. We haven’t even scratched the surface of all the items in the convenience stores and I’m so excited to try everything!


Quesadilla from The Salsa Room food truck

The other day at work (before the snow day) I tried the Salsa Room food truck’s quesadilla. I really love their Bolivian-style empanadas so it was hard to deviate, but I’m always up for something new.

These pictures don’t do the quesadilla justice. It was really good. I opted for a chicken quesadilla with black beans, Spanish rice, spinach, mango, and corn. I had an avocado that I had brought from home and added it to my quesadilla. It really hit the spot.

This quesadilla would have been absolutely amazing with a splash of chipotle sauce and some caramelized onions.

3.7/5 yelp stars for the quesadilla. 5/5 for the empanadas.






Christmas in February

A much needed snow day! I got to stay home with my two favorite people. Right after we woke up, we got dressed in our snow clothes and went outside to check out the fresh powder. We had snow earlier this year, but today was the first time we actually put Sienna on the ground to experience the snow.







After I put S down for a nap, I went outside to make a snowman! Crossing my fingers for another snow day tomorrow!


I also made BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, red cabbage slaw, and Michelle Obama’s shortbread cookies. Didn’t get around to taking food photos this time though.


I love love love masala dosas. The dosas from the dosa man in Washington Square Park were a staple for me in law school. But I never knew of a place in DC that made them. I even went all the way to Philly to satisfy my craving.

So I was just beyond excited when I saw the menu for today’s food truck. Say hello to the Chatpat truck!





Masala dosa with a side of sambar and coconut chutney! It was excellent.

I also picked up a side of chat papdi (not pictured) which I wasn’t too fond of.

I chatted up the owner and found our he served dosas at his restaurant! What? But it is closing soon. I tried to get him to open up at the Navy Yard. It’s an up and coming neighborhood after all.

I also found out about the food truck lottery system now in place. Apparently there are over 250 food trucks and only 90 something parking spots in DC! For real?! No wonder I only see my fav trucks only once in a while these days.

Anyway Chatpat will be added to the list of favorites! All in all a delicious meal.

Birthday gourmet

Chef Husband made my birthday special with lots of love coming from the kitchen!

Starting with breakfast in bed:



Whole wheat English muffins topped with smoked salmon, tomatoes and truffle oil; Greek yogurt with passion fruit and red currant; fruit salad and gingerbread.

For dinner an 8 course meal:


Clam soup with tomatoes and scallions.


Lobster salad on frisée with ponzu and truffle oil.


Red snapper ceviche.


Spicy tuna on crispy rice.


Tuna tataki topped with masago.


Husband’s interpretation of an Asian style lobster roll: miso lobster on crispy rice.


Mushroom rice.


Surf and turf: seared scallops, rib eye, and red snapper.

Better than anything I would ever eat in a restaurant!! Thank you husband!! Best bday dinner ever! He spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen while Sienna and I napped. I really appreciate how he puts so much love into his cooking. That’s probably why it tastes so good!


Meanwhile this baby had sweet potato and can you guess what else? She loves feeding herself these days. I was feeding her with a spoon and she just dunked her hand in the bowl and scooped up some sweet potato and broccoli, and fed herself! By the end of the night she had crusty sweet potato hair. And straight into the bath she went!


The best birthday pic I have of the three of us. I’m so thankful for my little family of three… Couldn’t ask for anything more!!

Dangerously delicious pies #laterblog

Not exactly dangerously delicious in my opinion but still ok. I had the chicken pot pie which was sorely lacking in the veggie department. And it wasn’t as cozy and warm as you would expect a chicken pot pie to be. However it was filled with a ton of chicken.

I like how the savory pies come with a side mesculin salad.

Reasonably priced and filling.

I picked up the S.M.O.G. Pie (steak-mushroom-onion-gruyere) for my husbanana.





Pho wheels truck

This is probably one of my favorite food trucks. Not necessarily for the pho but for the tacos and bahn mi.

What makes the tacos special is that they are on Malaysian roti canai bread! So buttery and delicious.

The bahn mi comes on either a croissant sub (what!?) or a French roll. With a schmear of truffle aioli, a generous helping of pickled daikon and radish, and flavorful meat. It’s something special.

And reasonably priced I might add.

I also picked up a viet iced coffee but thought it was way too sweet. At $4 this was a fail.